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15.09.2013, 14:55
Via myProstate.eu erhielt ich folgenden Hilferuf von Mark S.

Good evening, I saw your article in the newsletter of the Tackle campaign in Prostrate Matters regarding the online doctor. I could not find where to place my question on the website, so I have noted it here, apologies if it is the wrong place.

I had Brachytherapy 13 months ago and have a year of hell. A recent camera in my bladder has found the route cause of my problem. The radiation has shrivelled my bladder, badly scarred it and left it still red raw, with severe pain still in my penis during urinating.

I would be grateful if you could offer any advice as to what can be done to heal my bladder along with any advice on any medicine/ treatment that would be suitable. Advise the good things to eat, drink and do to assist my bladder to become more healthy and anything that which is likely to cause my bladder to become worse.

Currently I am having to pass urine (about 25-50ml) every hour night and day and the pain in the end of my penis (which is eye watering) occurs when needing to go and pass water, during and on finishing and then disappears.

At my recent appointment with my oncologist he indicated that the current situation may be the best that I might achieve and that if I could not cope with the current situation or should it get worse offered me the solution of removing my bladder and having an external urine bag and has made me an appointment for 6 months time to see how things go and did not offer any advice in the meantime. I was not prepared for the news and did not sign up for a year of hell and the poor outcome for the future.

Your help and assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

Regards, Mark S.

E-Mail-Adresse für Direktkontakt ist mir bekannt.

Kann da jemand Hilfestellung geben? Wenn möglich auf Englisch, sonst auch auf Deutsch. Der Mann scheint ja unter enormen Schmerzen zu leiden.


15.09.2013, 22:48
Hello Mark!
First of all, do not give up!
Second: stop drinking coffee and smoking.
Third: There are many helpfull herbs to drink as tea. First aid to stop the discomfort: Drink camomile tea. It is soothing.
Google for your own remedy in this field - urinary tract or urinary tract infection.
Things that might be helpfull: Juniper berries (a spice). Pfarrer (Parson) Kneipp has a cure. First day eat 2 juniper berries, add a berry every day until you are up to twenty berries a day, then work it down to 2 berries a day, diminishing the juniper berries one a day.
Fourth: In Hahnemann`s Homöopathie there are several remedies - google again - one substance that helped us a lot is Sarsaparilla, we had D6 dilution.
Fifth: Maybe the Budwig diet can help you.
The external urine bag system is infection prone and one often needs antibiotica. It replaces one malaise with another.
So: google, try to find soothing remedies yourself, nature offers a lot to heal. What goes in must come out.
All the best to you!

Tedham Porterhouse
15.09.2013, 23:43
Hello Mark,

Gertrud zitiert:
What goes in must come out.

In other words: "GET RID OF THAT SEEDS" (if possible)

Wondering what "der Strahlentherapeut" would say..


16.09.2013, 07:40
I could not find where to place my question ....

Maybe this can help here:


Gruß Ludwig

16.09.2013, 09:30
Vermutlich hat der Therapeut einen oder mehrere Seeds zu nah an oder sogar in den Blasenhals/Blasendreieck (Trigonum) gelegt.
So hat diese Region zu viel Dosis abbekommen. Eine Entfernung der Seeds bringt nach 12 Monaten nichts mehr, weil die Strahlung
inzwischen weitgehend komplett "abgeliefert ist".

Optionen zur Blasenrettung sind (alternativ):

- 1 x wöchentlich in die Blase 8 mg Dexametason/10 ml Buscopan (Butylscopolamin)/10 ml Procain 1% (sog. Bremer Cocktail)
- Wiederaufbau der Anti-Schmerz-Schicht (GAG-Schicht - Glykosaminoglykan) mit Blaseninstillation von Uropol S/Gepan/Thelosan/Pentosanpolysulfat/Hyaluronsäure

Man muss diesen Befund so behandeln wie eine interstitielle Cystitis, hier ein Link dazu: IC-Therapie (http://www.biham.unibe.ch/unibe/medizin/biham/content/e7950/e9805/e9957/linkliste9974/InterstitielleZystitis.pdf)

16.09.2013, 17:08

Besten Dank für die bisherigen Antworten. Ich werde diese sowie den Link zu diesem Thread an Mark weiterleiten.